Do you need to evaluate your UX but your website, software or app isn’t ready for user testing? Do you need UX feedback quickly at low cost? Is remote user testing impractical due to the complex nature of your system?

Then you could benefit from an Expert Review.

Expert Reviews involve an experienced user experience professional completing key tasks on your system whilst adopting the mindset of your target user.

As the reviewer explores the system they identify where it isn’t meeting best practice for UX and any elements that would negatively impact users experiences with it.

Any UX issues identified are noted down in a report with accompanying screenshots. This report is provided to client teams along with actionable recommendations.

The benefit or engaging external expertise in conducting expert reviews is they provide a fresh perspective on your system, thus are able to spot issues you might miss.

Key points

  • Can be conducted on any digital product or service at any fidelity.
  • Can be completed quickly.

If you would like to know more about Expert Reviews then get in touch!