• UX for Non-UXers

    City Interaction Lab has developed a series of introductory UX workshops aimed at those with UX responsibility but lacking any UX training.

    The goals of the workshops are to provide a common language for project teams, get staff up to speed with UX fundamentals, and introduce them to design thinking.

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  • Promaster Mobile Redesign

    Find out how City Interaction Lab have helped Orchard Information Systems redesign an app to support property surveyors work in the field.

    The Promaster Mobile app is used by surveyors to capture information on properties they visit. City Interaction Lab have recently conducted a User Centred Design project in order to redesign it for new platforms.

    More about Promaster Mobile
    A persona and wireframes produced for the project.
  • HCID Open Day 2014

    Check out the best bits of the HCID 2014 mini conference in our highlights video.

    HCID Open Day 2014 was a rousing success with 300 colleagues from all across the UK gathered together to explore the cutting edge of technological innovation. Keep track of us on Twitter to get the scoop on next year’s event!

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  • The Interaction Lab is a Human-Centred Design consultancy based within City University London. The Lab is the commercial arm of the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design.
  • What we do

    • Research

      Conduct user research into a current system or a proposed system to understand problems and opportunities.

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    • Design

      Document the proposed system in order to understand users and the tasks they perform then produce designs of key interface elements, these are iteratively refined from simple sketches to the final implementation.

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    • Evaluation

      Evaluation involves exploring how users interact with a product by asking them to complete indicative tasks using the product and explaining their thought processes as they do so.

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  • Our work

  • Testimonials

    • The Interaction Lab team, using a very structured UCD process has defined and refined a very intuitive user interface which has gone down a storm with our customers. They helped prioritise the functional areas of the system and provided us with a much deeper understanding of our users. The Interaction Team has been a joy to work with. I’ve always considered the team as an extremely valuable asset to the project. They have been reliable, professional, educational and fun. Stuart invited me to join him and shadowing a user and to be involved in user testing. I can’t imagine many other UX agencies doing this. I have already recommended the team at the Interaction Lab for another project within our organisation. I have no doubt that the project would not have been as successful without the team’s input.

      Orchard Systems
    • Using the lab’s eye-tracking equipment, and working alongside the research staff, we gained a greater understanding of the usability issues faced on our clients’ websites… and the information gained from the eye-tracking process was fed back into the design process.

      Double Jump Media
    • We hired the City Interaction Lab for some user testing sessions in March 2014. The facilities were very good – as well as containing everything we needed, our client described the Lab as ‘welcoming’. The team were very responsive to our requests and made sure everything was set up correctly for us. Overall, we couldn’t have been happier with Lab and the service we received.

      Made Media Ltd
    • Working with City Interaction Lab has been a real pleasure. From the very first meeting I had with them, they were clear about what approach we would take and took time to explain the benefits of user-centred design. They have stayed involved throughout the process and have been flexible when required. We are very pleased with the way in which Experience City fulfils all of the aims of our brief and does so in such a way that it meets our students’ needs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is considering any form of software development.

      Careers Team @ City University London
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