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Our approach

The Interaction Lab specialises in turning insights into innovations. We advocate a Human Centred Design approach where end users are at the heart of any design project. HCD is an iterative process that begins with an exploration into users’ needs through research, the research outcomes define the form of the subsequent system, this is then realised in designs which are then evaluated with users and iteratively refined until finally launched.

Whilst the HCD process is an ideal method for the design of products and services we also recognise that it is not appropriate in all situations. So we can also support clients in identifying the appropriate techniques to help them in achieving their goals. Rather than treating our expertise as a commodity we would ideally work with businesses to understand the issues they are facing and identify a practical solution, recommending services that best suit a particular need.


  • Remote Moderated User Testing

    Want to gain user feedback on your website or app? Worried about how this can be achieved whilst adhering to social distancing rules? You need Remote Moderated User Testing!

  • Expert Reviews

    Do you need to evaluate your UX but your website, software or app isn’t ready for user testing? Do you need feedback quickly at low cost? Is remote user testing impractical due to the complex nature of your system? You need an Expert Review!

  • Accessibility Audits

    How accessible is your website to your users when compared to web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0 / 2.1)? How can you find this out without asking potentially vulnerable users to come to a lab? You need an Accessibility Audit!

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